psa – daily vids on team dd and a lil update from sips

hey guys! whew what a few months it’s been. as you can probably tell i’ve been pretty busy and therefore inconsistent with youtube and other stuff. some of you may be enjoying the break, others might be looking around for more videos to watch. if you’re in the latter camp, i have some news for you! myself and lewis have recorded up a bunch of mini podcasts over some crappy gameplay for you to enjoy daily over on the team double dragon channel. so far we’re enjoying doing these and the format is very easy and lends itself perfectly to having a massive stockpile of footage that can go out daily. if you’re missing daily vids on my main channel, this might be a nice compromise until i fully get back into the swing of things. check it out here!

my new office is more or less setup now (but it’s messy and there’s garbage everywhere still) so the only thing left is to hopefully get my internet here sorted out cause it’s snail pace slow. i’m still playing don’t starve, cities skylines and subnautica when i get a chance so expect more of that to drip out on my main channel as and when it’s ready. in the meantime, enjoy team dd and the glorious ranting and waffling it has to offer. i’ll update you guys again soon when/if things change. <3

a few changes on the way!

hello friends, how are you? i’m writing to you today to inform you of some things that are coming up which you may or may not be interested in finding out about. i’ll probably do some sort of vlog with this info as well for all you people who don’t do the reddit here with the rest of us.

as you mostly know, my schedule and general energy levels have been all over the place recently with our new babby (who is doing really well by the way!). she’s still very young and isn’t in any sort of routine so getting out of the house and doing anything remotely productive is tricky for the most part and will be for the next few months. if you notice a lack of streaming and sporadic youtube uploads not on schedule or missing in between days that’s why!

i’ve also got some big things in motion for me and my youtubes, namely that i’m very close to working from home in a recently renovated office space that i can use as my new nerd den and place to record stuff. i don’t want to get into it too much, but basically where i’m currently situated (in a shared, serviced office) it’s a) very expensive and b) not always reliable (see: cloudnudes) which is hilarious in a way cause you’d think that paying the big ones for space/internet over here would get you something good but the reality is that it is not that good and i’m starting to resent paying for it. basically my office has shared 14mb down/up which is nothing to write home about but pretty much the best i can get on the little island i live on. they’re rolling out fiber across the island but it’s taking a long-ass time and the area i live in isn’t due to have it for another couple of months. this means that when i do start working from my home office, which is likely to happen as soon as december, my schedule will change dramatically.

firstly, the best broadband i can get at home is 20mb down / 1mb up, meaning that streaming will not be possible until i get onto fiber. i’m hoping this happens sooner rather than later, but i’m really at the mercy of the local telecom company in that respect. as soon as i get fiber (which is 100mb up/down!!!!) i’ll be streaming more than i was previously and likely at better times for everyone (probably in the evening gmt). so some good news but if you enjoy the streams i promise you they will be back as soon as possible and that the live! channel will continue to grow with all that content that a lot of you seem to enjoy.

secondly – it will take me a while to upload videos to youtube. i’ve never really been a huge fan of keeping a set schedule in the first place, but this will mean that if i want to regularly upload every day at 5pm then i’ll have to have a lot of stuff ready to upload at the start of each week. currently that’s impossible, so it’s likely that i’ll be posting stuff infrequently and randomly. luckily youtube e-mails people to tell them when a new video goes up right? haha! for now, i’ll be concentrating mostly on playing and recording as much fallout 4 as i possibly can and in my downtime editing it down into something watchable and uploadable in between. i’ll also continue to do evenings with sips when a good looking game comes my way. and any other random crap i have time to do.

overall the change comes with a lot of up and downsides. no streaming for a while and off-schedule content from me for a while are the obvious ones but on the plus side i’ll be at home and i’ll finally have the benefit of recording on a whim, streaming at a better time for a lot of people (including myself) owing to the fact that i’ll be spending a lot more time with my family in the daytime and also be able to spend a lot more time editing because i won’t be keeping 9-5 hours like i have been over the past couple of years. i’m looking forward to the changes, i feel like it’ll suit me a lot better both in terms of work and being able to spend time with my family and helping out a lot more with the new baby. hopefully you guys don’t notice things change too much and we can continue messing around with games and having a nice old time as usual! as always let me know what you think and sorry for the massive wall of text. peace on this earth.