Meet SipsBot! SipsBot is an information spilling, d*ck hoarding, gambling addicting and a general garbage bot!

Use !commands to see commands!

Pay attention to chat! SipsBot will announce when a new bet is open, so pay attention to the question and which number correlates to which betting option!

You can bet on the outcome of a game by typing “!bet (amount) (outcome)”. Example: !bet 100 win

The user with the highest number of dicks at the end of every two weeks can win some merch! Get betting and see how many you can get!

Rules for merch giveaway:

  • You cannot win multiple times in a row. Each winner is recorded and cannot win the following 2 months.
  • If you are found to be ‘botting’ to gain points then you will be added to the blacklist.
  • Mods are exempt from the prize.
  • To win you will have to send a name, delivery address and clothing sizes via email. Make sure you have permission to send us this info!
  • The information you provide will be sent to TheOnlyTermin, Sips and the Yogscast Office, so make sure you and/or the home owner is happy with this.
  • This prize is completely optional and we reserve the right to not provide it.
  • We may not give the prize out for ANY reason we have. This could include anything, such as there being no stream for a while.
  • Viewer’s who are banned, or cause problems for moderators and/or other viewers in the chat will be recorded and not be eligible for any prize.
  • Enjoy the stream! Don’t just come here to win prizes because that’s not fun!

April 23rd 2017 – mr_valentine123
Top 10 dicks:
1. mr_valentine123 5251 dicks
2. TheUnarmedCrusader 4599 dicks
3. Xenarius013 3331 dicks
4. Nem___ 2456 dicks
5. unclemoelester808 2435 dicks
6. Christop406 2406 dicks
7. Andrehaz 1953 dicks
8. MrNutzer 1944 dicks
9. InvasiveSpaz 1801 dicks
10. Sammybick 1758 dicks
April 9th 2017 – djberg27
Top 10 dicks:
1. djberg27 2240 dicks
2. biggiesmalls1212 1770 dicks
3. EpIcko 1721 dicks
4. Mykul_ 1615 dicks
5. dallemanden 1429 dicks
6. pimpd_addy 1349 dicks
7. morrisblud1 1344 dicks
8. Ooppp29 1343 dicks
9. Dumfist 1278 dicks
10. brooooown 1271 dicks